Babysitting 3-4 Children

Babysitting Rates

Members should select the number of hours needed and call 407-490-4205 to schedule your babysitting time.

  • There is a 3 hour minimum for babysitting sessions.
  • You account is billed by the quarter hour. Example: If 10 hours were purchased and 5.25 hours were used, then you have 4.75 hours remaining.
  • Extended Driving Area Fee: If you are outside of Winter Park, FL please contact us for details.
  • Purchased hours are credited to your account, never expire, and can be used at any time available.
  • All credit card and PayPal transactions are subject to a 3.5% processing fee.
  • Optional sitter meet and greet ($25)

Baby Sitter Meet and Greet (optional): $25 per visit

*You can meet the babysitter before your scheduled visit.

1 Meet and Greet:

Babysitter Holiday Visit Fee (add for each hour): $5 extra per hour

*If a visit falls on a holiday, please add one for each hour on the holiday visit.

1 Holiday Hour:

Bundle 1 2 3 4
Hour 5 10 20 30
Rate/Hour $25 $25 $25 $25
Total $125 $250 $500 $750
Paypal Purchase